Water for the most needy

thanks to your help

Every drop of water has become an indispensable commodity in the developing countries!

Thanks to your help, the fear of dirty water is now over for even the poorest in our world! A water pump from "UNICEF"  will supply a whole community!


Clear, healthy water is often the beginning for a markedly better life. The hand-operated water pump from UNICEF is made from very durable stainless steel and supplies a whole community. No need any more to walk for kilometres, no more fear of dirty water! A water pump costs CHF 477. -, your contribution for a good water supply is CHF 1. - for every carafe of Schönrieder spring water you order.

We will keep you up to date on how much is collected from the sales of the spring water and the water pumps subsequently ordered. UNICEF and the Hotel Ermitage would like to thank you for your support!

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