Culture evenings at the ERMITAGE

Our popular traditional culture evenings are back. From 5 to 28 May 2020, the atmospheric tones of everything from flamenco to alphorn will resound in the cosy, friendly setting of the ERMITAGE.

Did you know that we also have a set-price culture offering including room? 

We look forward to enjoying rhythmic highlights with you.

  • 5 and 7 May 2020

    “Fahrende Lieder” (“Travellers’ Songs”) –
    with Anna Altmeier & Roman Arthur Wiedemar:

    Song collections from travelling cultures: Sephardi Jews, Andalusian Gitanos, eastern European Roma... Anna Altmeier (vocals) is fascinated by harmonies full of wisdom and melancholy. For his part, Roman is always drawn back to the flamenco guitar. Their passions meet in historic Andalusian Granada at the time of the Moors, where the roots of the Sephardic style and flamenco lie...

  • 12 and 14 May 2020

    Rjam family band - music from the Balkans to bluegrass

    What originally started as a family band today offers high-quality world music, from the Balkans to bluegrass, from Georgian to Greek. The interpretations of the four from Winterthur are fresh and full of fantasy. They build musical bridges between distant lands, inviting you to experience the music of different cultures in a new way. 


  • 19 and 21 May 2020

    Lily Horn is born

    Four female saxophonists with music and humour. Annette Kitagawa, Susanne Müller, Fabienne Hoerni, Lisette Wyss. Lily’s style can’t be defined: she doesn’t love everything, but a bit of everything, and draws on this to compose the music to capture the crowd for the here and now.

  • 26 and 28 May 2020

    Trio Röseligarte

    Walter Blatti: Accordion, vocals. Willi Michel: Alphorn, büchel, horn and yodelling. Christine Lauterburg: Violin, viola, Swiss accordion and yodelling. We play alphorn melodies, accordion pieces from throughout Switzerland, “Naturjuzze” and yodels. Beautiful melodies and the stirring call of the alphorn to delight the ears!

Reservations for external guests

Enjoy a delicious 3-course menu topped with a harmonious musical evening. Admission to Culture Evenings is free for Hotel guests!

The majority of the texts are in German

We look forward to your reservation and visit: Your ERMITAGE family