Wintertime cheese delights

In Switzerland, the start of winter means the start of a passionately loved period of fondue and raclette enjoyment. As evening approaches after a day outside in the fresh air surrounded by snow, ice and tingling cold weather, all paths lead to the "Fondue Spycher."

Our master of cheeses from Schönried has created different cheese fondues both for and with us, which offer both traditional enjoyment as well as something out of the ordinary. But you don't have to limit yourself to cheesy delights at the Fondue Spycher, we also offer delicious Fondue Chinoise for all the meat lovers out there. Wine from the neighbouring canton of Valais and fine deserts round off this culinary offer.

Of course what would a cosy fondue evening be without a cow milking contest - so much fun for young and old alike!

EG Fondue Spycher 700


Opening hours

From December to the middle of March
Wednesday to Sunday
from 6 to 11 pm

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