Biking—experience it all from the saddle

Exciting mountain bike paths and signposted tours are waiting for you, offering just the right thing for all levels and tastes. Experience authentic mountain scenery from the saddle. Enjoy every possible outdoor moment and take in the impressive Alpine scenery—so that you return home full of inner treasures.

At ERMITAGE, you can borrow mountain and e-bikes for free (if available) and make use of insider tips from our guides.

In Switzerland, you must be 16 years old—or 14 years old with a moped license—to ride an e-bike.

ERMITAGE Bike World services

A bike pumping station with a pneumatic pump located in the underground car park may be used free of charge.

Bike repair option

The repair station in the underground car park allows you to make small repairs to your bike yourself.

Bike materials on sale at the kiosk

An emergency kit (a first aid kit for bikes) including spare parts such as replacement hoses, chain locks, brake pads, etc., can be purchased at the kiosk.

Bike cleaning station

Two bike stands where bikes can be hosed down are located near the exit of the underground car park. Drying cloths can be found at the repair station.

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