Yoga Retreats at the ERMITAGE

At the ERMITAGE Wellness & Spa Hotel in the middle of a fabulous mountain landscape find the peace and friendly atmosphere needed to devote yourself to yourself, your experiences and your path. 

This Retreat offers you a balanced mixture of yoga and meditation with a focus on your personal development, so that after the Retreat you can re-approach the everyday with new inner strength, self-confidence and joyful openness. There are also additional workshops on nutrition and weekly topics. 

The Retreat is in German. The Yoga Retreat for November is already fully booked. 

The dates for 2021 will be published shortly. We look forward to seeing you! 

  • Nicole Landeira

    Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative yoga teacher, meditation instructor, psychologist and certified psychotherapist


    As a psychologist and yoga teacher, I love brining the two disciplines together. Apart from the physical movement, yoga also moves the internal and promotes a fantastic interplay between body and mind. Despite movement, yoga offers a form of internal retreat and creates access to unconscious desires and old wounds which are resolved through conscious acceptance. It stimulates self-reflection. In my yoga lessons, I place great value on every student finding their “own yoga”, learning to recognise and respect the borders of their body, of being open to newness and finding trust. Each body is different, hence it is important to adapt yoga exercises to your own body.

  • Janosch Landeira

    Personal trainer, life & nutrition coach
    Certified fitness instructor and budding natural practitioner


    I want to share my delight in movement and training the body, as well as my passion for constant personal development. I accompany my clients on the way to better fitness, during rehabilitation from illnesses and as a life coach when changing dietary habits. A wonderful connection forms between these disciplines and findings from natural medicine which helps you to develop an holistic image of the body.
    Regular practicing of yoga, meditation and retreats leads to balance within us. These experiences stay with us in our everyday life and strengthen our self-awareness.

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Yoga Retreats

The Yoga Retreat for November is already fully booked. 
The dates for 2021 will be published shortly.

3 nights in the desired room category
2 yoga lessons per day
Contents according to the Retreat *programme
Entry to the 3,700m2 wellness oasis
On the trail with our Guides
ERMITAGE gourmet board

* Programmes subject to change Explanations are provided at the beginning of the yoga retreat. 

Holistic Retreats

We start the morning with a Vinyasa flow sequence that prepares us optimally for the meditation which follows. The voluntary workshops on nutrition and psychology in the afternoon give you additional knowledge to help you learn how small changes, such as in eating habits or other ways of thinking, can make big changes in your health, energy levels and well-being. The evening lessons with Yin yoga are deeply relaxing and regenerative. You will be nourished all around in this Retreat with good food, wellness and positive energy.  

Strengthen yourself internally, create clarity, replenish energy

Thursday 12 November 2020

5:00 pm Meeting, greeting
5:45 pm Vin-Yin yoga
7:30 pm Group dinner

Friday 13 November 2020

8:00 am Vinyasa flow
9:30 am Meditation
10:00 am Breakfast
11:00 am Free time for wellness, short hikes, etc.
4:30 pm Nutrition workshop (optional)
5:45 pm Yin yoga
7:30 pm Group dinner

Saturday 14 November 2020

08:00 Vinyasa Flow
09:30 Meditation
10:00 Frühstück
11:00 freie Zeit für Wellness, kleine Wanderungen etc.
16:30 Workshop zur Stärkung des Selbstvertrauens (optional)
17:45 Yin Yoga
19:30 gemeinsames Abendessen

Sunday 15 November 2020

8:00 am Vinyasa flow
9:00 am Closing ritual
10:00 am Group breakfast

* Programmes subject to change Explanations are provided at the beginning of the yoga retreat. 


The word «Yoga» roughly translates to uniting body and soul through deep concentration and becoming one with one's self. A session includes bodily movements, breathing techniques, concentration exercises and meditation. The goal is to improve vitality, and at the same time strive towards a posture of inner peace.

Hatha Yoga

The origins of Hatha Yoga can be traced back to the middle ages (to the 15th century AD) in India. It was formed from the philosophical and religious currents of so-called Tantrism. Hatha Yoga means «yoga of strength» and is based on the idea of strengthening the body in order to receive the power of awakened consciousness. Physical exercises, breathing and meditation are employed to bring body and mind into harmony. The methods and practices of Hatha Yoga form the foundation for the majority of modern yoga types.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is a mix of dynamic and powerful movements, correct alignment, and individually tailored poses (variants). Each breath flows in sync and in rhythm with the body, such that the entire human organism is in flow. Whether the tempo of a Vinyasa class is slow or more rapid, if it includes meditation or singing, is dependant upon the instructor. If you like to get loose and move creatively, then Vinyasa Flow Yoga is likely right for you.

Yin/Yang Yoga

During Yin & Yang Yoga, we learn to balance our body and soul. Yang stands for principles of being active and movement. Using dynamic yoga and sun salutations, we activate our entire circulatory systems and strengthen our muscles, joints and ligaments. Yin stands for dedication and peace. In Yin Yoga, we hold poses for longer and work more deeply in the body’s layers, the fascia. This is a deeply intimate and meditative form of yoga connected with the activation of energy flow along the meridians.


Meditation is wonderfully suited to helping us counteract the hectic effects of time. We can find strength in peaceful moments to help us better confront the challenges of everyday life with a smile. Meditation exercises help us to calm our spirits and to collect ourselves.