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«Vitalità» is the name of our wellness oasis for body and soul.

Massages & Treatments

Let yourself be perfectly pampered and discover the variety of different massages and treatments.

  • Massages from classic to Asian

    Massage - one of the most ancient healing methods known to man. Soothing touch loosens the muscles and relaxes the soul. You'll return to your daily routine both fit and refreshed.

    An extract from our diverse range of massages:

    •    Classic Massage
    •    Reflexology (Foot) Massage
    •    Pantai Luar
    •    Manual Lymph Drainage
    •    La Stone Therapy®
    •    Soap Brushes Massage
    •    Breuss Massage
    •    Alpienne Honey Peeling
    •    Acidosana® De-acidification Massage


  • Feel-good wraps

    Our beneficial wraps not only improve your appearance but ensure that you feel at ease in your skin and body! Choose from warming hay, pain-relieving mud, silky-evening-primrose oil, aromatic-herb and blossom, or gentle goat’s milk.

    •    Herb and Blossom Wrap
    •    Mud Wrap
    •    Cleopatra Wrap
    •    Hay Wrap
    •    Evening Primrose Oil Cream Wrap


  • Bubbling pleasures: Bathing in the jacuzzi

    When bathing, the human body absorbs aetheric oils both through the skin (transcutaneously) and by breathing (pulmonary route). The different properties of the oils affect the body and the mood and so a bath can be relaxing or invigorating, depending on the oil chosen. In any event, a warm bath is always a pleasure: it relaxes the muscles and stimulates the circulatio

    •    Bath for colds
    •    Spruce-Needle Bubble Bath
    •    Lavender Bath
    •    Rose Bath
    •    Orange Bath
    •    Purification Bath


  • Wellness rituals – alone or as a pair

    For once, treat yourself - alone or with your partner - to a whole wellness ritual and let yourself be truly pampered: From a foot bath to the last cup of tea on the lounge bed, enjoy a unique, extended, feel-good pleasure!

    •    Rasul und Rasul Deluxe
    •    Alpienne Salt Block Massage
    •    Alpienne Deluxe
    •    Alpienne Harmony
    •    Alpienne Honey Peeling
    •    Alpienne Foot Bath
    •    Alpienne Vital Treatments
    •    Alpienne Neck Massage


  • Asian treatments

    Asian treatments and massages employ a unique understanding of human well-being: By creating harmony in body and spirit, the entire body is enriched and positively influenced. Experience an especially long-lasting form of relaxation. Return to your daily routine at peace.

    •    Pantai Luar
    •    Balinese Boreh Treatment

    We look forward to receiving your reservation and to your visit! Please make your reservation by calling us on 033 748 04 30 or send an email to:

  • Haki® - to clear your mind

    The internationally recognised Haki® philosophy was created especially for people who are stressed and have trouble relaxing. It provides regeneration for both body and mind. During the treatment, pressure is removed from the body through stretching, rhythm and vibration. Stress is relieved from the back, shoulders, neck and head. Mental stress is also counteracted. At the ERMITAGE Wellness- & Spa-Hotel, we offer the following treatments:

    •    Haki® Sacral - back treatment (25 minutes) for CHF 65 per person
    •    Haki® Stretch & Relax - a shoulder, neck and head treatment (50 minutes) for CHF 120 per person
    •    Haki® Purna - full body treatment (75 minutes) for CHF 160 per person
    •    Haki® Flow - a unique treatment in the water (45 minutes) for CHF 165 per person

    We look forward to receiving your reservation and to your visit! Please make your reservation by calling us on 033 748 04 30 or send an email to:


To be naturally cared for, we must establish a harmony between our outer expressive force and inner balance. Our beauty team will help you find this harmony. Your needs, your skin type, and the condition of your skin are decisive factors for our comprehensive and effective recommendations.

  • Medical Wellness - Needling treatment

    This method stimulates the regeneration of your skin's collagen and increases its ability to absorb active substances by around 3,000 times. Designed to meet your care needs, the mixture of active ingredients carefully selected by our experts penetrates deep into your skin. The effects of the needling treatment can be seen through the tightening of your tissue, improved elasticity and firmness as well as refining the appearance of pores for a smooth, healthy complexion.

    We look forward to receiving your reservation and to your visit! Please make your reservation by calling us on 033 748 04 30 or send an email to:

    45 minutes for CHF 148 per person

  • Body treatments

    Beauty from head to toe: Peeling massages ensure silky-smooth skin and body masks improve the figure with massages that stimulate the metabolism and highly concentrated minerals.


  • Facial treatments

    Unveil your beauty - your skin has to be able to breathe. Enjoy the wonderful feeling of a perfectly revitalising skin treatment, matched to your individual skin type, and amaze everyone with a glowing complexion.

    To care for your facial skin, we offer treatments with products from renowned cosmetic brands Babor and Cellcosmet/Cellmen.


  • Skin care for men

    Even real men profit from good skin care. We offer you various treatments with products from renowned cosmetic brands to keep your skin in top condition and maintain your healthy glow.


  • Manicure and pedicure

    Your hands are your calling cards, that’s why you should give them the best possible care. Your feet have to carry you around for your whole life, over hill and down dale and in all types of shoes. Take the opportunity for once and let us give your feet a thorough service!


  • Hair removal

    It’s not easy to look perfectly groomed all the time: scratches, cuts and stubble are definitely not welcome. We therefore offer you a range of excellent products and treatment methods to not only keep your skin looking smoother longer, but also to keep hair growth under control.


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