Wellness through warmth

Relaxation, revitalisation and healthy effects for your immune and respiratory systems

The Hotel’s sauna park is here for your relaxation: choose from eight saunas ranging from classic to modern -including the new aroma steam bath in dark brown-gold, a shiny black mild herbal sauna with infrared and a new stone pine sanarium. Or our Ladies Spa with sauna, steam bath and tea lounge, for ladies only. Add to this the Aquadom whirlpool, the Juice Bar, spacious relaxation rooms, the Brunnenstube for the ERMITAGE bathrobe cuisine and the infrared heat lounge.

Alternating between the heat of a sauna and a subsequent cold shower not only boosts the circulation, but also improves the body’s immune and respiratory systems. The heat leads to more intense blood circulation in the skin, possibly alleviating skin problems. The muscles relax and healing for pulled muscles or tendons is promoted.

«Infusion» plan

Every day at 3:30 pm, 5:00 pm and 06:30 pm, our sauna specialists perform a sauna infusion in the Finnish sauna. Peeling at 5:30 pm.

Included in the «Wellness Package» for hotel guests

Solbad Ermitage (1)

Opening hours sauna world

Day guests: From noon to 9 pm.
Exception: On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, admission only after 6 pm


For all visitors and guests
The fountain parlour and Banyan Lounge are exclusively for hotel guests

Saltwater pool and sauna area price list

  • Finnish sauna

    Sweat it out at 90 °C with an incomparable view from the panorama window. Experience a traditional sauna with sensual pourings and a view of the Schönried landscape.

  • Schnaps distillery sauna

    Warm wood notes and a comfortable 75 °C help you sweat in the rustic schnaps distillery. Refresh yourself after the session in the ice bath.

  • Aroma steam bath

    The interaction of heat (42-45 °C) and humidity (100%), imbued with fragrance, stimulates the circulation and calms the airways.

  • Herbal sauna with infrared

    The infrared chairs guide the heat where the body needs it and improve circulation. Herbal fragrances complete the experience. (45 °C, 40-55% humidity).

  • Quartzite saltwater steam grotto

    The saltwater steam bath is a boon for the respiratory system. The quartzite worked into the walls and benches has an antibacterial effect.

  • Stone pine sanarium

    The Swiss stone pine (Arve/Zirbe) is the queen of the Alps; its unique aroma supports the breathing and cleanses the air. The mild temperatures (50-60 °C) and pleasant humidity (40-55%) reinforce body and soul.

  • «Amethyst» stone steam grotto

    The mystical rays of the amethyst and soothing vapours promise a magical experience. The power of the gems bathes the room in a special energy, which enters the body.

  • Tepidarium

    The ancient Roman-styled chamber is perfect for lingering and relaxing on the heated loungers. Calming chimes can also be added on request.

  • Lady's Spa

    An exclusive wellness experience for the ladies. Women can enjoy their relaxation moments in the separate "Ladies Spa". The "Ladies Spa" features an organic sauna, a steam bath and its own showers.

  • Aquadom

    Forget your cares in the bubbling water, calming currents and soothing tingling. The gentle calmness and pleasant lighting let your body and soul come to rest.

  • Ice fountain

    Pure refreshment after a visit to one of the saunas. The delicate ice crystals melt on the skin, a uniquely fresh sensation for the body.

  • ERMITAGE Juice Bar

    Our Juice Bar serves fresh, delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies, freshly pressed orange juice and aromatic organic coffee for take away.

Banyan Lounge

«Banyan Lounge» & Infrared Heat Lounge

Exclusive wellness area for hotel guests only.

The new 75 qm «Banyan Lounge» takes inspiration from Thai wellness culture – an oasis of relaxation which invites you to read and dive into another world. A new Infrared Heat Room allows you the opportunity to pamper your body with targeted heat and improve blood circulation. Provides well-being for both mind and body and strengthens the immune system.


«Fountain parlour» - lounging in your bathrobe

The elegant «fountain parlour» is a «bathrobe zone» reserved exclusively for hotel guests. It is the perfect place for reading or browsing a magazine.

This is where you can enjoy your Wellness Breakfast in the morning, your Vitalità-Lunch and then some healthy cakes from our patisserie in the afternoon. The Vital Bar features teas and fresh Schönried spring water throughout the day.

Chouflis Alp

«Chouflisalp» - the sounds of silence

Peace and recovery with a view into the distance.

The cosy «Chouflisalp» relaxation room with wellness recliners, waterbeds with headphones and music, panorama windows and a terrace in the naked zone of the sauna area invites you to relax and recover. The name of the relaxation room comes from the Chouflis brook, which flows gently past the front of the hotel.


Our sauna area is a mixed naked zone. For hygienic reasons, wearing swimming costumes in the sauna area is not allowed.

Children between 16 and 18 years may only use the sauna area when accompanied by an adult.