We are looking forward to you!

At your service with heart, passion and sensibility! Every single one of us is committed to making your stay at the ERMITAGE Wellness & Spa Hotel a unique experience.

  • Romuald Bour, Director of Operations

    We are pleased to announce Romuald Bour as the new Director of Operations at the ERMITAGE from 11 May 2020. Graduating as a hotel manager from the Ecole Hotelière Strasbourg, he has gained experience in the luxury hotel sector both locally and internationally. The Alsace native with strong connections to the Saanenland is joining the ERMITAGE family as a welcoming, committed host.

  • Eveline Coretti, Vice-Director

    Eveline Coretti already had her heart set on working in the hotel industry at the age of 16. She completed her training at the Thun Hotel Management School. She then held various positions in Switzerland and abroad. Because of her wealth of experience, Eveline is a fantastic asset to the ERMITAGE team, where she has been diligently putting her skills to work, most specifically in the Rooms Division, since the 23rd of January 2018.

  • Evelyn Engler, Vice-Director

    Evelyn Engler has always been fascinated by gastronomy, yet she entered the industry as a career changer and earned her spurs in a wide variety of positions. After successfully graduating from the Hotel Management School in Thun, she moved to the Engadine and in 2014 to the Beatus on Lake Thun as F&B Manager. After further years as an operations manager in the Engadine, she has been back in the HLS family since the spring of 2022 and, as Vice Director F&B, can fully pursue her passion for "Food, Wine & Drinks".

  • Manuela Biedermann,
    Head of reception

  • Mauro Rosario,
    Maître d'hôtel

  • Kirsten Gau,
    Head of Vitalità

  • Taina Hefti,
    1. Governess

  • Florian Schenk,
    Head of technology

  • Sven Ahlers & Andrea Gaia,
    Head chefs

  • Simone Wyssen,
    Head of marketing & communications

  • Barbara Leuenberger,
    Head of reservations

  • Philippe Baud,
    Director of administration & finances

  • Katharina Ihring,
    Head of human resources ad interim