The ERMITAGE Wellness- & Spa-Hotel values the highest quality in all its beauty and wellness products. Select from natural products such as Alpienne or the products of intensive cosmetic research such as Cellcosmet or Babor. You can trust that we will only select the best for your skin! Our beauty experts are looking forward to your visit and pampering you from head to foot.

We welcome external guests in our «Vitalità» during regular opening hours. A reservation is required. 

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Opening hours

Daily from 8 am to 7 pm
by appointment


For all visitors & guests

Wellness prices and services

  • Manicure

    Your hands are your calling cards, that’s why you should give them the best possible care. They are essential in your everyday life. Take the opportunity and let us give your hands a thorough service for once!

  • Pedicure

    Your feet are there for you each every day. During your lifetime, they cover many thousands of kilometres. Do something good for your feet for once! Let us take charge and pamper your feet. Afterwards, it will be like walking on clouds.



  • Alpienne Honey Peeling

    Your face is not alone in needing special care. The skin, the largest organ of the human body, also requires special attention. Pamper your body with this sweet and soothing peeling.

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  • Babor Maritime Salt Peeling

    Refresh and revitalise your skin with this maritime peeling. The mineral salts will make your skin feel great and refreshed for everyday life. Enjoy this exclusive salt peeling and revitalise your skin.

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  • Evening Primerose Oil Pack

    The exclusive essence of evening primrose oil seeds envelops your skin like a velvety glove. Once your entire body is pampered with exquisite nutrients, you’ll feel reborn.

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  • Full-Body Peat Pack

    The peat reduces pain in the back, neck and buttock areas. The natural forces activate self-regeneration allowing you to experience deep relaxation.  

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  • Cellcosmet Facial

    Bio-integral cells as well as plant and marine extracts make these active ingredient products so valuable. The product’s cells stimulate the skin’s self-regeneration and rejuvenation. Lean back and be positively surprised by the amazing results!

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  • Logo Alpienne

    Based on traditional formulations, confirmed by numerous new scientific findins, «Alpienne» natural products are produced using gentle methods to assure people of the best care, beauty, vitality and a sense of well-being. All the ingredients are collected from the wild in the Alps under a controlled process. No chemicals, no artificial additives; only hand-picked herbs and plants are used in these unique Alpine natural products.

  • BABOR-Cosmetics @x2

    As an internationally leading company in the institutional cosmetics field, Babor has gathered extensive experience since 1956. They have detected the latest trends, revisited old traditions and developed innovative treatment methods. All this experience flows directly into Babor’s products which are constantly expanded with the latest knowledge.

  • CC_Noir +logo -Or Metallique

    These Swiss products from Cellap Laboratory SA Switzerland are more than just skin care. They trigger an ultimate feeling of well-being for him and her. They also hold the secret to an eternally youthful appearance.

    Cellcosmet and Cellmen Spa Professional are the first cosmetics, which use the principle of cellular therapy, applying highly effective organic-integral cells on the skin. This new generation of care products protects the skin with special active agents like phyto and sea extracts. The 100% natural aetheric oils provide the skin with needed moisture and support active cell regeneration.