Sports and relaxation programme

Our sports and relaxation programme brings fun, exercise, relaxation and deceleration to your holidays. With a lot of enthusiasm we prepare a daily programme in which you can take part without any complications and without advance notice.

Back exercises

A specific training to strengthen the back muscles. It also teaches how to make everyday working and private life more ergonomic and thus more back-friendly.


Get to know the versatility of the mini trampoline. This holistic, back- and joint-friendly fitness trend is also great fun for the untrained and has numerous positive effects on the entire body. More vitality is achieved - a feeling of wellbeing sets in.

Coordination training

Balance and orientation skills are trained by means of demanding exercises. Improvement of flexibility and reaction. Effective coordination training can make a decisive contribution to injury prevention.

Fascial training

Fascial training is an exercise therapy or sports training method to specifically promote the properties of the muscular connective tissue, the fascia.

Fitness gymnastics

In this lesson you will learn helpful tips and tricks to help you take advantage of the opportunities of everyday life and stay healthy as long as possible. Improves both the quality of life and well-being.

Fitness room advice

Under supervision, the equipment and its functions are explained and demonstrated so that the exercises can be performed in a clean and controlled manner.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a Chinese meditation, concentration and movement form for the unification of body and mind. Qi Gong combines breathing exercises, body and movement exercises, concentration and meditation exercises.

Relaxation gymnastics

The joints are gently mobilised and the tendons and ligaments are strengthened, increasing flexibility and mobility for the whole day.


Various stretching techniques are used to achieve muscular balance and increased joint mobility. Relaxation, lightness and more vitality are achieved - a feeling of well-being is achieved.

Water gymnastics

Water training in shallow water at a temperature of 29°C that is easy on the joints. Stability, balance, coordination and mobilisation are improved.

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The sports and relaxation programme is published weekly.